King Venster Arabasti (Dead)

Ex-king's deformed stepbrother. Soon to be crowned king.


At the start of this year the king recognized his older stepbrother that his mother never recognized in a move that many people see as a mistake. As it was if or when King Arabasti died his young queen would have stepped into the ruler-ship role with no trouble. Now having legally recognized his stepbrother he has opened the possibility of civil War.

Factions opposed to the young queen or just to a well ordered Korvosa can now use Venster as a rallying cry to foment trouble. Already in the streets people have started declaring themselves as either for the young queen Ileosa or for Venster. Who knows what will happen when the King dies.

With the King’s death riots have shook the city and turmoil ruled. With no clear leader the people stated tearing themselves apart. To save the City Queen Illeosa has abdicated and is going to leave the city. Venster will step int the kingship and rule the city.

The future seems to be clear now but the new king is not a good man and people worry abot what the future will bring.

King Venster Arabasti is touched with dragon blood in his past and his features have morphed into dragon qualities.


King Venster Arabasti (Dead)

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