Curse of the Crimson Throne

Thrill of the Hunt Part 11

A Farewell to a Friend

Thorn, standing off to the side watching the ceremony for Thousand Arrows he was called up to Thousand Bones side, along the way he was bumped into by a mysterious stranger, who smiled at him, “Beg your pardon, hunter.” The man said.

Thorn waving the man off continued to the front of the ceremony.

The man watched Thorn, enjoying the obvious pain he was in as he listened to the words of the eulogy.

Thorn stood there addressing the members, people, tribespeople that gathered, “While I only knew Thousand Arrows for a short time, I was glad to call him a friend. Many mornings we met, and often spared off to see who can get their daily hunting done for the day the quickest, or a game of camouflage and tracking to hone our skills.”

The stranger smiled, “One friend down…”

The eulogy went on, and Thorn finished, but was called over to Thousand Bones.

Thousand Bones stood and presented him with a necklace of bones, a symbol of their tribe as he placed the necklace around Thorn’s neck, Thousand Bones spoke to him, “You were spoke of to me, and the tribes about a half-elf hunter. A hunter that believes in the ways of the land and the circle of life. You are an honorary member of the gathered tribes, Thorn. We thank you, and thank you for the friendship you had with Thousand Arrows. May you stay true to yourself, and may your arrows strike their target for any who stand in your way.”

Thorn, bowing his head in respect, “Thank you, Thousand Bones. He was a good man and will be missed.”

The man watched, and turned to leave the services as he limped off into the city. He’s got to do more to tarnish Thorns reputation.



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