Curse of the Crimson Throne


She ran… Her feet striking the worn cobblestones as fast as she could go. The thin slippers were not really designed for running on the stones and bruised her feet painfully but she did not dare slow down.
They were after her. She knew it.

The bar If she could just get to the bar she would probably be safe. Perdita might not like her but she would not kill Adelaide out of hand and if Ithamore was there Adelaide might get him to intercede on her behalf. He had kind eyes. She might even be able to seduce him, anything so she would not have to go back to the floating ships. Not after what she saw earlier tonight.

  • Flashback****

Adelaide sneaked up to the port window on Carista’s bedroom and looked in. She was trying to get some blackmail on Carista and thought the three nobles that had shown up asking to talk to her looked promising.

It started off commonly enough. The three wanted to have sex with Carista at the same time and offered a very good sum. Carista told them she did not usually work any more but she would make an exception for twice the amount they had already offered. They agreed.

Wow nice price but nothing Adelaide could really use against Carista. She sat down against the wall and just listened to see if maybe something was said during the acts that she could use. She had bribed the guard that usually prevented this eavesdropping a whole nights of her wages so she could listen in on the meeting so she might as well stay and try to get something for the money she had spent.

There was the usual sounds of clothing being removed and foreplay and then Adelaide heard Carista say. “You said nothing abough, gahhh, elllfth.” And a sold blow to flesh. Adelaide looked in to see the three men standing around Carista. One of them tying a ball gag in her mouth and the other two holding the naked, struggling Carista in place with one hand and holding curved knives with their other.

Then the one standing behind Carista changed. One moment it was a hairy, naked man with a scar across one eye, the next it was a perfect replica of Carista down to the three moles on her lower belly. It bent down so Carista could she her face looking back at her and said. " I think I will be taking over things here from now on out." The three people then raised their knives and plunged them into Carista.

Adelaide screamed and fled to the guard. She screamed at the guard that Carista was being killed and just could not stop screaming. The guard pulled away from the screaming Adelaide and slapped her hard one time to jar her out of her panic. Two other guards rushed to the owners door to find out what happened. The door was locked but before they could break it in. Carista opened it and asked what all the screaming was about. The two male clients were standing behind her blocking the guards view into the room.

The guards told Carista that Adelaide had started screaming that, she, Madam Carista, was being killed by clients. Carista looked into Adelaide’s eyes and Adelaide saw her death. Then Caista smiled and said. “If you want to peep at me while I am entertaining clients Adelaide you should just join us.” The last bit she made more of a command and glanced at the guard that had slaped Adelaide earlier.

Adelaide pulled away from the guard and shrieked. “Look at their hands.” She pointed at Carista and her clients hands. The guards looked and saw the creatures hands splattered with drops of blood and the guards frowned and then shift their hands toward their weapons, unsure of what they were seeing but realizing something was not right. Carista snarled and pulled a kukri out from around the corner and with a tremendous slash sent a guard reeling back. Carista glanced back at her companions. “Kill them all. I can hire more.”

Adelaide turned and fled.

  • Present ****

Her breath was rasping and her lungs burned but she was close to the inn. Just around this corner and she would see the light and sign. Then out of a darkened alley on her right she glimpsed one on Carista’s guards step forward and the butt of his weapon slammed into the side of her head knocking her to the ground and stunning her and then a second blow and she knew no more.

Waking sometime later she found herself lying in the middle of a wooden floor with a pair of slipper-ed feet in view. “Ahh she awakes” a male voice says. “Carnochan you are forgiven.” Adelaide shivers and then realized her clothes were gone, including the red shawl from her mother. Looking up she followed the slippers up to a man in his thirties with long wavy brown hair, and light brown eyes. A woman stood next to him with dark hair and eyes. Her eyes were highlighted with very dark liner. Then she looked toward her feet and she saw grand-master Boule and Carista standing there she shivered again but this time not from cold.

The two watched her reaction for a bit and then their features swirl and then looking down at her are two men. The one that use to look like Boule had the head of a dog like creature while the one that had been Carisa had the head of a snake. Looking back at the other two, the woman with the Kohl darkened eyes now had the head of a Fox and the original man had the head of a large cat with black spots.

The cat spoke and sounded exactly like the voice she had heard when she first awoke. “My name is Bahor, you might know me as Glorio Arkona” he gestured at the fox-headed woman next to him and this is my sister Vimanda she plays my wife in this little play we have going on here." Watching Adelaide intently he seemed to read the question in her eyes and his lips pulled back in a parody of a smile. " I am afraid your part is over except for the dying."

Then the Rakshasa fell upon and devoured her.


Karma is a bitch.


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