Curse of the Crimson Throne

A book closes

“But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of Ragathiel, a revenger to [execute] wrath upon him that doeth evil.”
- The Book of Ragathiel, 2:2

Aerich was in his finest robes. The white cotton cassock, rough and plain, was accented by gold silk cincture, finely embroidered with an ornate sword with the phrase in celestial that read: ‘Fiat justitia ruat caelum’. Across his shoulders, a small crimson cape rested, the seams embroidered in gold as well.

Around him, the family of Thousand Arrows had gathered. They were preparing his body for ascension into heaven. His limbs had been reconnected with silk thread, his skin cleaned and anointed with oil and paints, his finest leathers placed around him.

The tribe had already erected a stone platform for the body, a simple stone dais that had been arrayed with flowers, blankets, jars of preserved foods and water.

“You shouldn’t be here,” Aiori said, she was similarly dressed in the finery of a priest in service to Sarenrae. “These are not your ways, not your people. You didn’t know him.”

1000 Bones nodded at Aerich.

“Thank you,” 1000 Bones said, pulling Aerich back to the burial preparations. “Now, 1000 Swords spirit can be at rest with his forefathers in heaven and not doomed to haunt the earth.”

“1000 Swords has been given the Justice that the City of Korvosa denied him,” Aerich bowed his head reverently. “His tormentor sent to Pharasma for judgement.”

“How will he be judged?” 1000 Bones asked.

“Justice has been done on this world,” Aerich said, raising his eyes to 1000 Bones. “Pharasma cares not for how a soul reaches judgement, but her eyes stretch toward the beginning and end of time. If a soul reaches her that has performed great evil, she casts them into the Abyss.”

“And the monster who took 1000 Swords? He has been cast to the Abyss?”

“One cannot question the will of the Gods,” Aerich cautioned. “But, Ragathiel did send us to you in your time of need. Trust that Pharasma will see that the monster will be judged accordingly, and that she welcomes 1000 Swords into Heaven where he will live again with your tribe.”

1000 Bones nodded once, satisfied, before returning to the ceremony.

The family had placed 1000 Swords onto his dais and wrapped a red blanket around him tightly. His spirit, now whole, was free to ascend into heaven, taking the food and water with him for the long journey. Some began singing a haunting hymn, using a simple drum to keep time. 1000 Bones knelt down by the sitting 1000 Swords and swiped two batches of river clay across his eyes, the song reaching its crescendo.

Aerich and Aiori stood silent, waiting for the tribe to leave. All, save for 1000 Bones, left.

Aerich approached the dais and produced two coins, gold obals, and placed them on the stone. Normally placed over the eyes of the dead, Aerich had blessed the coins to be used by 1000 Swords as payment for crossing the River Styx.

And woe be to any thief who claimed them, as they were emblazoned with the holy symbol of Ragathiel.

A week's respit - Part 2
part two

Perdi felt pretty good about herself. She had gotten a fair price for the items she had sold for the group. It wasn’t a bad night’s work, granted it did nearly get them killed several times over. While out and about she picked up any items her team mates needed, as well as picking up a refill on arrows for her short bow, and getting a couple light maces. After dealing with those skeletons, Perdi wanted to be prepared for anything. When she was at the magic shop she did enquire about items that would help with vision in the dark. One item they simply told her about because they had only seen it made once. It was a pair of goggles that had dark crystals in them that allows one to see in the dark as if it was day light. Then she asked to cost, it nearly caused her to faint. It was over 120,000 gold pieces. Yeah that was not going to happen anytime soon. They did suggest a wand or a few scrolls of the spell darkvision. Scrolls would run us 150 each, but they warned me that Kess couldn’t cast them. And a wand of it would knock us back 4500 gps, and Perdi was not sure if Kess could use it. If the group was going to spend that much on a wand it would be a wand of cure moderate wounds! ESPECAILLY the way our luck has been lately.

Regardless of the wishful thinking Perdi did drop off her armor for enchanting. It took most of her savings, but it would be worth it.

Perdi was actually in a pretty good mood when she got back to the tavern. Adelaide was still sulking but that may have also be due to the argument that she and Devin had after Perdi had left. Devin had threated to have a few ‘choice words’ with her about the previous night. She had a feeling that Devin also believed in the philosophy of “Don’t accept an apology from someone who sucker punches you.”

A little before 3 pm Adelaide shouted into the kitchen that Perdi had visitors. Perdi wiped her hands and went out to see them, grabbing a couple bottles of inexpensive wine as she did so.

“Thank you Addy. I’ll see you tomorrow morning at 7 AM.” Perdi dismissed the girl.
Biting her tongue Abby curtsied and went back into the kitchen. Perdi heard cursing and the back door slam. As she walked to the booth Addy had indicated was where her visitors were sitting, Perdi dropped off one of the bottles with Kess. When she got the table Perdi was practically tackled by the occupant inside. “Perdi Girl!”

“Hi Momma!” Perdi smiled at the hug she got from her adopted mother. Perdi sat down at the booth with her mother next to her, it was only then that Perdi noticed the other person in the booth. It was obvious she had orc blood, but how much was questionable. It wasn’t that she looked bad, just different. Other than the very small tusks in her under bite, and the greenish pallor of her skin, you might just mistake her for some rather ‘butch’ fighter women out there.

“Come! Come, sit. I want to hear about all this. Your message said that the Lam problem was taken care of and that you had found some work lucrative work that might include me.” Caranga Beesting took a seat in the booth after letting go of her daughter.

“Short story is that I have a job working for the Queen for the next couple months and the tavern is in need of a full time manager of the kitchen. The owners are paying, what I assume, is better than that dive you were working in pays. I thought you might like to step up in the world. “

“I’m here aren’t I?” The Halfling smiled. “I hope you don’t mind, I brought along some help of my own. This is Guntha.”

“Nice to meet you Guntha.” Perdi shook her hand. “What brings you to working with this old hag?” Perdi glanced over at her mother teasingly.

“Caranga found me digging through the kitchen’s garbage one day and helped me. I had no other place to go but she gave me a job and I have worked for her ever since.”

“What do you do?” Perdi poured wine for each of them.

“I worked as a bouncer at the last place. I did what needed done mostly. I took care of the garbage, washed dishes, turned the spit, tended the fires, went and got supplies, carried the kegs, whatever was needed. One of the reasons I was turned out by my clan.”

“I was wondering about that. Half Orcs usually don’t’ like to leave Old Korvosa.”

“My family, for lack of a better word, work as part of a fight club. I know that my family has been half orcs back three generations. I know my father is Gartock the destroyer, but my mother I don’t know. The females in my family are seen as breeding stock. Some say that she was killed when they saw how ‘weak’ I was, other said she was just taken as a mate from a different clan. I am nearly of age, and one of the human workers helped smuggle me out of the pits to freedom. Is it better to be warm, fed regularly, but with the possibility of being raped or made to fight for my life every day OR free of the possibly of rape and murder but starving and freezing each night. “

“Thankfully you found a sweet spirted person who is known for taking in those who are lost.” Perdi smiled at her mother.

“Enough of this mush. There is a kitchen that needs cleaned up.” The halfling darted under the table and started walking toward the kitchen with purpose.

“Hey my kitchen IS fine thank you very much!” Perdi quickly followed her with Guntha following shaking her head.

“You boy! What do you think you are doing with that ladle of gravy?” Perdi rolled her eyes as she saw her mother dart into the kitchen. Yes her mother would do an amazing job, but oy vey!

A week's respit
Part one

Perdi opened the back door of the kitchen. It was late in the evening, and she could hear the common room starting to really get going.

“Oh hey Perdi, I didn’t expect you back until very late or tomorrow morning.” Devin had an apron on and was dishing up some stew into bowls on a tray. “You look like hell.”

“Gee thanks. Getting my butt kicked by little blue skinned creatures who like darkness wasn’t bad enough I have deal with a comedian.” Perdi removed her pack and sat it on the floor. “On the bright side, I don’t stink this time.”

“Matter of opinion oh boss of mine.” Devin smirked.

Perdi sniffed her shirt. “Yeah might have picked up something, but a set of clean clothing should fix that.” She picked up her bag, disabled the lock on her door, and went into her room.

“Perdi!” Devin shouted from the main kitchen door.

She stuck her head back outside her room door. “What?!?” She glared at him annoyed.

Sighing, “Would you mind kiting up and coming out and helping tonight? I’m swamped.”
Perdi raised an eye brow. Devin shouldn’t be needing help. The place was busy but nothing that he and Adelaide couldn’t take care of. The food was made and just needed serving up. The boss should be back soon so he would be taking over the tavern portion for Devin. “Something wrong?”

“Yeah, but I need to get this to the customers or they will be even more pissed.” He gestured to the main room.

“Go… Go. I’ll get dressed and be out to help. By the time you get back we should be able to talk.” Devin nodded his thanks, and headed off. Perdi walked back into her room and quickly dressed for work. She was finishing washing the ichor from her hands when Devin came back in.

“Sorry about that Perdi.” He looked apologetic. “It’s just been me for the past couple hours running this place.”

“What do you mean ‘only you’?” Perdi raised an eyebrow. “Where is Adelaide? “

“We had a messenger at the back door a couple hours ago. I thought it was for you but turned out if was for Addy. She said she would be right back, no more than a half hour. She said it was urgent and would be fine. That was two hours ago. I thought she would be back by then. “

“Do you know where she went?”

“I thought I heard her say something about cleric, spiders and a name starting with a Cal or Cast something.” Devin sighed. “I just hope she is alright.”

Perdi pursed her lips. She had an idea where Adelaide might have gone, but now was not the time to discuss it. “If she isn’t back by 9 tomorrow morning, we will go look for her. It is too close to curfew to do anything now. “

“But what if she…” Devin started to ask.

Perdi held up a finger at him, “If she is in trouble, there is nothing we can do right now. We are not sure where she went, nor if she is still there. By the time we investigate where she might be it will be midnight. That means we are stuck where ever that is until dawn unless we want to be arrested by the order of the nail. And Devin, you do NOT want to be the prisoner of the order of the nail. For now we keep living, and give her time to get here. If she is someplace and is smart, she will stay there until dawn then come home. My guess is that she didn’t expect me to be home until after midnight, or even dawn tomorrow. I’m sorry but we have to play wait and see. “

“I don’t like it.” Devin growled.

“Didn’t expect you too but that is life. In the mean time we need to make as much money while we can until the curfew starts. And that is in just couple hours. Then we will deal with all the problems.” Perdi got in his face, “Now get out there and start cleaning tables, and I’ll work on the back log of orders.”

Obviously annoyed but knowing there was little he could do about, Devin grabbed a tub and went out to collect dishes.

Putting on a happy face Perdi went out to talk to the guests. “So what can I get for you gents?”

“Perdi, we missed you and your cookn’ . No one has died in days. Where you been? “

Perdi smiled, “Why collecting rats for your stew, darling.” The people around him laughed.

“So what can I get all of you tonight? I got fresh stew on the fire, and fresh beef fritters fried this morning…… “

The next morning at dawn Perdi was up doing prep for the day. Soon as the curfew was lifted Perdi sent Devin off to get supplies. Things were a little tight in the cupboard, and they were in need of a few things. She told him to get the best price he could.

The careful chopping and cutting of the meat, and vegetables was therapeutic for Perdi. It gave her a chance to work off her frustration from the night before and to work through things on her mind. To be honest she had suspected her little ‘handpicked’ assistant was up to more than just cooking when she was hired. The tavern was a good place for gathering information as it was neutral territory for everyone. The tips from the place were good but they were not THAT good. Perdi paid her assistants well but not THAT well. Devin had things he needed, and was even saving up for good equipment. Occasionally he would sneak down to the bakery or confectioners and get a treat but never spent more than 2-3 copper for his indulgences. Adelade on the other hand seemed far better off than Devin. From the state of her clothing, and jewelry it showed she had more money coming in than just her tips. A poor down on her luck serving girl does not wear silks of any sort. She was supplementing her income. But how was the question. If she was stealing from our clients, woe be her head. This tavern is neutral territory, I’m not saying theft doesn’t happen here, but you would have to be terribly desperate or incredibly stupid. Neither of those describe Adelaide. She wasn’t stealing from me, trust me, I checked.

With a little prodding Perdi managed to get out of Devin that Adelaide would leave for a little while every day. Could be the morning, could be the evening, but always when I was gone. He assured me the place was never left unattended. He assumed that she had a boyfriend or some family. When I told him she was an orphan and had no family, he concluded it had to be a boyfriend. She was nearly marrying age so it was possible. Sadly Perdi knew the truth of her betrayal.

Adelaide was hired at the suggestion of her old friend, Carista. Within days, Perdi knew she was being played. Adelaide was a good cook, but did not want to be a cook. The look on the girl’s face when Perdi asked her to slice up the raw sheep livers told Perdi more than she wanted to know. Adelaide was there not because she wanted to be, but because Carista wanted her to be. Perdi was being played. Did she have solid proof? No, but if you think you are being played, you probably are. Carista planted Adelaide not only to learn the ropes of the trade but also to keep an eye on Perdi. Ithamore, Perdi, and the rest of their group frequented the tavern, and have recently been gaining influence across the city. And given the recent offer made by the queen, the group are people that need to be watched. Having an ear to what business we are up to would quite profitable for those who deal in information, which Carista certainly does. Perdi couldn’t blame her for doing it, because you have to pay the bills someway, but that is not to mean she liked it. Though it did raise the question of what to do with Adelade. The knee jerk reaction was to fire her little ass, and toss her to the wolves. She broke the rule, “Always work WITH your team.” However Perdi do understand the concept of, “You don’t waste good.” Adelaide is a good cook, and she is training to be a purveyor on knowledge. Just because she is collecting information on the team, doesn’t mean she can’t get information on others. The trick is to only give her the information we want her to have. Before now she had the upper hand, now it is time that Perdi break her hand.

About 7:30 AM Perdi heard Adelaide coming up the back alley. She always sung a particular tune when she was happy. “Good morning Addy.” Perdi said cheerfully from where she was chopping up a chicken.

Surprised, Adelaide walked in the back door, her face white as a sheet. “Uh, good morning Perdi. “

”Sleep well?” Perdi chopped through the joint of the chicken.

“Yes… Everything ok?” Adelaide hung up her cloak.

“Just starting the day.” Perdi moved the cut up chicken to a disk of dough, then began wrapping the dough around it for a pot pie. “How is the room?”


“One of the psudo dragons this morning said that they saw you coming out of my old room over at Carista’s. I assumed when you left here last night, I thought you had taken my old room. I am glad to hear that you are doing so well that you are able to take the room. I guess that means you won’t be living here anymore.” Perdi dumped in a few handfuls of dried prunes, apricots, figs and candied ginger before pinching the dough lid on the chicken.

“Yes tips have been good.” Adelaide smiled, washed her hands and started prep for the morning porridge. “I can still work here even though I live else where?”

“Won’t be a problem.” Perdi took the dough wrapped chicken of the oven. “Given the time, I assume you ate Carista’s.”

“No actually, I wanted to get away before anyone woke up.” Adelaide dished up a small bowl of porridge.

“Eat quickly then. We have a lot of work to do today.” Perdi dusted off her hand, “Speaking of which that should be Devin now.” Perdi grabbed a silver and went to open up the back door.

“Good timing Perdi. “ Devin was standing there with a 50 pound bag of flour over his shoulder.

“I’ll tip the cart man. Adelaide, you help Devin unload.” Perdi couldn’t help the smirk when she heard Adelaide groan in annoyance. Typically Devin and Perdi did the unloading since they were stronger than her, but this time Adelaide was not going to get off easily.

She grabbed what she could and took it in to the pantry. It didn’t take them long to unload the cart and get the man on his way. Even with the pantry door shut she could hear Devin yelling at Adelaide for abandoning him and the tavern the previous night. She let it go on for a while before she called them back into the kitchen.

“I have good news and bad news.” Perdi leaned against the work table and crossed her arms.

“And what is that?” Dispite being obviously sore, Adelaide’s attention obviously peaked.
“The good news is that from now on there will be someone running the kitchen full time.” Perdi smiled.

“And the bad news is it won’t be you.” Devin sighed.

“Somewhat. The message I had you send off was for a possible job offer to another cook I know. She knows the recipes and should work out well here.” Perdi could tell both of her assistants were disappointed, but for different reasons. “On the other hand I will be around for the remainder of the week to help out around here.

“Where will you be after that?” Adelaide asked curiously.

Perdi couldn’t help the wicked smile. “Kess has recently been doing amazing performances for the Queen. As the Queen has abdicated, and wishes to go traveling for the next couple months so that the anger in the city dies down, Kess was asked to accompany her as entertainment. Kess was able to put in a good word, and got me hired to work in the queens traveling kitchen. The boss is also going along as Kess’s personal body guard.”

“That is an amazing opportunity.” Adelaide’s eyes bugged.

“Congrats Perdi that is going to do wonders for your reputation. To be cooking for the Queen is an honor.” Devin clapped her on the back. “As much we will miss you, it is a great opportunity.”

“Thanks, so…” Perdi clapped her hands together, “We have a week to get this place in shape, and for me to find a new cook. Ithamore is taking care of the bar. Adelaide I need you minding the counter, and taking orders this morning. Devin, I have already started prep for dinner. Make sure any dishes are done, and set up the bar for tonight. Then you can crash out since you have worked a double shift. I have to take care of some business to get ready for the trip but I should be back in a few hours. Adelaide you can work until 3 and then head out the new cook will be arriving about then, and she and I can cover dinner with Devin. Since you have your own place now it would be difficult to get home in time for curfew.”

Adelaide tried to hide her annoyance but didn’t work well. “I appreciate you thinking of me.” She knew that the evening shift is when the good gossip happened, and when the best tips were made. Perdi had effectively cut her tips in half, and there was nothing she could do about it without showing her hand.

“Now that everything is settled, I am going to go run my errands. Have fun you two.” Perdi grabbed her things, and the bag of look and headed out the back door. Perdi couldn’t help the smirk as she walked down the alley.

Thrill of the Hunt Part 9
Revenge, Thousand Arrows Last Stand

The sky quickly darkened as the sun set, and night was quickly upon us. It was cold out this evening as the temperature dropped. Your breath being visible upon exhale in the air.

Street merchants closed up their shops, and children scampered off into their homes for the night. The nightlife of the city was not desolate, with many taverns, restaurants, gambling dens, and inns open for business even after the imposed curfew.

Being on the streets during these hours were in breach of the law, but it was loosely followed for now.

Thousand Arrows, never really venturing into Korvosa much, despising the city he was here for a reason though this very night. A message was sent to him to meet a newfound friend and fellow hunter, Thorn.

Thousand Arrows was lead here under false pretenses. Thorn did not send that message. That message was sent by Mr. Black.

Mr. Black aware of Thorn’s connection with Thousand Arrows because of Thorn’s protégé, Steven, whom he has been using to enact his plans of revenge on the hunter, who injured him. With several underworld connections he learned a necromancer is looking for parts from a guild posting, and a promise of riches.

Gathering together a group of thugs paying them several gold for their services, as he soon will be rewarded as well, very well beyond his wildest dreams. Seeing this as a perfect opportunity to strike a blow to his arch nemesis.

Later that night watching from the shadows, watching as the group approached Thousand Arrows, and promptly started to beat him to death, with fists, kicks and weapons that were acquired from a few shady deals on the street, most recently from the meat deal that was spoiled from a few members from the city guard, among them was Thorn. He smiled, smiled wide his revenge was shaping up against the hunter.

Journal of Perdita Bernardi- 15th
Before going into the Gray District

There has been much to think about as of late. My kitchen help, Adelaide and Devin, have been becoming annoyed with me. I haven’t been around as much to help. Devin seems to be ok with it, but doesn’t seem to like it much. I always keep about 10 gps in silver and copper in a clay jar by the stove. There are days when Devin needs to tip someone or grease a few palms. One our contacts might come up with an ‘extra’ chicken once in a while, so it is paid out of that petty case. Some would say why I would leave that kind of money around for the taking. If they take the money they know it will be the last they ever see. I don’t mean that in killing them; I mean that if they take it, it will be the end of their chance. Sure they could live on it for a while, but they wouldn’t be getting another job from me, or any of my associates. My group has been gaining influence around town. It would not do well for them if word out that they dis-honored me. If you take the coins because you are starving and need bread to feed yourself is one thing, taking it to be a greedy ass hole is another.

I have heard them talking when they think I am asleep. Adelaide has thought about taking the money and running, but Devin has got a good head on his shoulders. Of the two Adelaide is the smarter of the two but Devin has been around long enough to be more street smart. Adelaide practically grew up in noble houses. Since she was little she had roof over her head and food to eat, sure her mistress was verbally abusive at times, but she didn’t dare strike her. She may have had to sleep in the servants’ quarters of the manor, but she had the basics. Devin on the other hand has lived his life on the streets. He knows how lucky he is to have what he has at the Falcon’s roost. Yes he works 14-16 hour days, with rarely a day off, but he gets food EVERY day. He has a WARM place to sleep EVERY night. I do not take his tips from him, as others frequently would have. He makes good money most days, and he gets a little money from me each week. I found a scrap of parchment hidden among the tankards. Listing just how much is goods and services I was paying them. “5 sp per night to stay in the tavern, then another 5 sp per MEAL. Which came to 20 sps per DAY” Considering a good hireling is paid 3 sp per day. I’d say they were being paid well. They did ask if they could hire two or three young kids to be scullery, tend the fires and turn the spit. It would allow them more time to do things, and ease up their work load a bit. Same rules of hiring and respect must be followed as with them. If anything goes missing it is their heads. We could feed them 3 meals of left overs, plus 2 cps a day, which had to come out of THEIR wages. During the cold months, if they keep the fires stoked during the night they can sleep by the hearth in the main room, or even the kitchen. Considering that is a 2 sp value, some might jump at the chance. That depends on how badly they are willing to see value in things other than gold pieces.

Journal of Perdita Bernardi- 14th
Across the rooftops

There is a young girl, a painter named Trinia Sabor who is in need of our protection. With the curfew we were unable to leave until the next morning. We went to her address in the Shingles. The place was pretty run down, and her neighbors were trying to disquade us but we still tried to find her. When we came to her door we found that she had barricaded it with chairs and a dresser. It didn’t take much more than an ax swing from Ithamore then it was splinters; however we appeared to be too late. Soon as the door fell we saw a women in chain mail driving a blade through the blonde hair women we believe to be Trinia.

Leaving Trinia with Ithamore, and Erik to be healed, the rest of us went out the window in prosute of her attacker. Up over a steep roof, tight rope walked across a clothing line, scrambled over a bunch of boxes before I managed to reach her. By then Boshi had her in another one of his famous sleeper holds. It didn’t take long between the arrows Thorn managed to get into her, and Boshi’s hold before the women was down for the count. We assumed her to part of the Red armored group that had been see before; however this person was not wearing red right now.

Just as Boshi pick her up to carry her back to the small apartment for interrogation, we heard a scream come from one of the nearby buildings. Have you had one of those moments where you know you will be dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t? From one of the other apartments an imp came flying out carrying a bundle, which contained a baby. A sore spot of mind, do what you with adults but don’t mess with babies. I went tearing after it. I managed to catch up with it, and get hold of the baby. I could give a rats ass what happed to the imp but I was not going to let the thing fly away with the baby. Somehow I managed to rench it away from him, and carry the baby back to his parents. What I didn’t know was what was happening to my companions. Somehow Boshi or Ithamore got bewitched by other imps and had put the women down. Sadly the women was then pushed off the building to fall to her death below. Part of me feels sorry for her death, but it may be more along the lines of she died BEFORE she could confess her sins to Erik. Cutting our losses we returned the baby to his parents, which impressed the locals. You could say our influence around the city went up because of this. Sometimes it does pay to be honorable. With nothing more to keep us on the rooftops we headed back to the girl’s apartment. Erik had managed to keep the girl alive… barely. She was able to give witness to what had been going on in the castle. We got her into protective custody.
Thrill of the Hunt Part 8
The Path of Vengeance

When someone close to you dies, you may experience a variety of emotions – shock, disbelief, numbness, sadness, anger or loneliness.

Thorn stood there as the news broke, being told to arrive at Field Marshal Kroft’s office that morning. Thousand Bones an elder from a local Shoanti tribe just outside of Korvosa, told us Thousand Arrows was killed and his body sold off to a necromancer. That is when everything had been turned upside down.

Thorn knew Thousand Arrows. They only recently became fast friends sharing many of the same ideals and both enjoyed the thrill that came with the hunt as long as it was to provide and not for game.

Standing there, dizzy, somewhat nauseous, dazed, and numb. As everyone reacts to loss differently, and it’s normal to experience many emotions.

The rest of the meeting was a long blurr. He felt anger at this city he called home, the people that live here… the people he loves, and protects. Thousand Arrows’s death cruel and unfair, died before his time, killed by his city. Thorn immediately wanted vengeance.

Life feeling like it no longer holds any meaning because what has he been doing for this whole time? He left the meeting angry at himself, the city, and the people who did this.

With his new found wealth from defending this vile and corrupt city that he believes now he will make this right. He will avenge his friends death by equipping himself to take out the people that did this.

Stopping by his home at the Sarenrae temple to ask the sisters there for any knowledge about necromancers before he heads out, not entirely trusting them with the truth of what happened, but for insight of what to expect.

With the newly found information bestowed upon him a new kind of hunt begins.

Into The Grey City

Thousand Arrows was dead. His life taken by an anonymous, angry mob. His body stolen away by the purveyors of the dead, sold to a necromancer who lived beneath the grey city. Now his soul was denied transcendence in the Shaonti tradition, forever trapped on this world. His body was taken to the Grey City, where the flesh remained of the souls sent to Pharasma.

This was not the ways of the Shaonti. Being taken to the Grey City was tantamount to denying a just soul entry to heaven. While the Shaonti faith was not to the True Gods, where they venerated their forefathers before the true will of the heavens, Ragathiel made no distinction.

Apostate or believer, all deserved justice in His eyes.

Here, in a city that skirted between Law and Lawlessness, Thousand Arrows soul cried out for justice in the eyes of his family and traditions.

Not revenge. Revenge is an emotional response.

Aerich regarded Thorn as Perdi opened the secret door. The Half-Elf Hunter, whose profession and life took him close to the Shaonti, was clearly moved by the events. Thousand Arrows was a friend. It didn’t require the eyes of a priest to see the anger burn within the Ranger.

Ragatheil has spoken to him, Aerich thought, Most certainly.

There was no time to waste. The death had gone unpunished long enough, a debt left unpaid and now it was time to collect.

The secret door opened, filling the cold crypt with hot air. A brief puff of steam gave way to a rolling blast of heat, moving across them all like a wall, thick with incense and something else, a sickly sweet smell that made the strongest stomachs gag. This was the rotten core of the Grey City. The Necromancer lurked somewhere ahead, like a spider at the center of his web.

Peri stepped in first, peering ahead carefully. Ithamore followed, his Axe at the ready. The rest of the party stepped in, while Aerich waited for Thorn, and stopped him with a raised hand.

“Thorn, join me.”

With a pause and turning to look at Aerich. “What? We’ve got to hurry and kill that necromancer, that manipulator of death, that evil, vile…”

Thorn regarded the crypt entrance. “We need to get revenge. Kill whomever had a hand in Thousand Arrows’s death and stop whatever is going to happen to his body and soul.”

“I understand. Still, join me in a prayer for Thousand Arrows,” Aerich said, “Ragathiel brought us here, whether you believe that or not. A soul is crying out for justice. This is not revenge. That is beneath us. We are acting outside of the law, because the law is inadequate and must be shamed.”

Turns back to Aerich once again, “It is… This city is crumbling, falling apart bit by bit. That is becoming more and more apparent. The corruption runs deep. I try to see good in everyone, everything… My beliefs were a blindfold, no longer, I see clearly now. This great city that I call home is sick and twisted.”

Thorn pats his quiver on his hip, “Thousand Arrows was a friend. He and I shared similar beliefs and ideals. Revenge… might be the anger talking, but I want to avenge his death, and bring the sick bastards to justice,” with a nod, “I follow no god, but I will join you in this prayer to Ragathiel.”

“Good. This prayer seemed appropriate, from the Trials of Ragathiel, Chapter 10, Verse 5:

Those that have wronged the righteous will feel Ragathiel’s wrath made manifest in me. They will find no succor in magic, no reprieve in rest, no salvation in shadow, no safety in numbers, no protection in armor, and no fortress in power that I can not overcome. Those who serve the darkness will find themselves broken and rent before my blessed might."

Thorn corrects Aerich, “…/our/ blessed might…” Pausing, “Praise be to Ragathiel.” Pulling out an arrow, readying it his bow, “Let’s find us a necromancer.”

Journal of erdita Bernardi- 13th
'Friends of Korvosa'

Sump came by the back door of the Falcon’s Roost smelling worse than the sewer we tracked through, which is saying something. He delivered a message saying ‘Someone wants to meet with you.’ The paper he gave me was for a pub we knew well. It was the one that Nelandus Kalepopolis had disappeared from. It happened that at the same time we were to meet our mystery person, Sable Company was at the pub. When I say Sable Company was there I mean ALL of them. As we sat there, Erik felt someone tap him on his shoulder, tell him to watch the royals closely, and to meet him at a room reserved for Jones. They then diapeared into the crowd. It was safe to assume that the mystery person was Nelandus. There is no such thing as coincidences. The guy disappears from this pub, he is the head of the Sables, they are surrounding us, and some mysterious person gives us directions to meet with them in secret. Yeah, my money is on that this guy is Nelandus.
As Nelandus told us, we watched the royals closely. The brother Vester Arabasti came out with Queen Ileosa. What looked odd to us what that he appeared healthier than he did a couple days before when we met him. I have not seem someone get so healthy so quickly, without serious magic being involved. Yet why get this healed now, when he had been languishing in the palace without treatment for decade. How odd….

The first big revelation was that Queen Ileosa was abdicating her position with the throne. My first thought was bull crap. Nessa can say how wonderful the queen is but I smell something fishy. One does not simply, give us the throne. She may claim it is for the protection of her people but no way. Oh sure she is giving up her throne ‘in order that my people will not be unjustly imprisoned’. That is bull crap! All this has done was put the people on her side. All those people that had been rioting because of the loss of food, and disagreements between who is best are being released because of how “Noble” she is. I’m sorry but for the past many years she has been hated in the city. Why are the people now LOVEING her?!? We are being played and big time. To add insult to injury Vester imposed a curfew that was being enforced by get this, the Order of the Nail. The crown is paying these Hellknights to bring order to the city. I fear that the city will soon see the streets flowing with rivers of blood.

This curfew is bad news for everyone. The pub does it’s best business after dark. Heck the gold and ale begins to really flow at 9 PM. We have to close our doors at 9 PM or we are in trouble. A fee we could handle, but I think these punishments for not following their rules would be along the lines of breaking your knee caps, and tossing you in jail. This also puts a damper on merchants in the morning. Also of our suppliers come into the city at dawn; how can we get the food stuff in the market when shops are not even allowed to open until 6AM. I have people coming to my door at 6 AM wanting breakfast. I can’t be out shopping for supplies when I have to be cooking. This is going to put the tavern in a bind. Add in that our ‘side’ business has been taking place during the night time hours. How the heck are we supposed to do our ‘business’ when a curfew is in place? We are doing all these side jobs under the table for the watch, but how are we to do them when we can’t even step outside our front door without being arrested. Not good.

With the crowd dispersing we went to the room reserved for ‘Mr. Jones’. We were met by Sub. He didn’t smell much better, but at least I didn’t want to hurl from his stench. He is still pissed I took his sword. Tough luck buddy, you lost it, I bought it. As promised, Thorn produced the wolfsbane for Sub. He proceeded to throw it in our face. Apparently Sub was born with lycanthropy. Wolfsbane could do nothing for him. Then why the heck did he negotiate for it when it would do him not good? This guy played us, and sucker punched us with the wolfsbane. Yeah, if I had thought about being generous and giving him his sword back, that possibility went out the window!

Sitting at the table was our mystery man. None of us could place him but I have to say his disguise was good, too good. If was obvious he was wearing a disguise. Given recent history it was safe to assume this guy was Neolandus. He was calling himself ‘Marcus’.
These “friends” told us about our ‘fair’ queen, most we knew but some did not paint our fair queen in a good light. It was known she was from a successful noble family in Cheliax. She met the king when he visited Cheliax. She was 14 years old. Two years later she came to Korvosa and presented herself to King Eodred for marriage. You have to admit the girl had ambition. She married some one 3 times her age, and became a queen. Dispite the age difference, no matter how creepy, the king seemed to love her. The man turned away his entire harem. I personally don’t think she had any love for the king other than the fact that by being his wife she was 1st in line to the throne, at least until the half breed brother, Vester, was brought into the fold. The king had never been mean to his brother. The guy had food, shelter, and was never denyed anything, other than his meer existence, but hey he was alive and from my point of view living well. According to our ‘friends’ the queen actually encouraged the two of them to reconcile. Why an ambious women like her would want to have the two of them make amends, and ultimately make the brother the successor to the throne is beyond me. It just doesn’t fit with how I would expect her to act. There was one thing the ‘friends’ said that puzzled me. They said that Vester seemed to be getting healthier. That seemed….odd. The stories said the brother was a submissive idiot, who was so weak and feeble that he couldn’t take care of himself, yet now he no longer has a hunchback. He appears younger than his younger brother. It is true that by having dragon blood he might age differently, but still seems odd. The only explanation that people can give about no longer having the hunchback is that is ‘wings’ came through. All I can think is, What wings? If he had wings wouldn’t they , I don’t know, SHOW on his back! All this is getting fishier and fishier.

Boshis resolve

Boshi had almost finished his daily deliverys thru the streets of North point. His regular schedule made him easy to find at certain times and it helped him grow closer to the locals and their neighborhood.
As his brother Maru, was never found, he slowly came to realize that as this city was his brothers last resting place,( he thought as he never found the body), it would serve him well to stay here and be a part of this community.He had started having people call out to him by name as he walked down the streets and hear them call " Hey! Boshi,! Hey Mr. Boshi-man, got a minute?"
The only problem was the unspoken secret..the one that only his Sifu and his village knew about..the feeling of being off..the darkness inside of him.. He knew that day it would get out.. it had not happened yet.. and may never but he didn’t want these good people to be hurt by what could hurt them and possibly overwhelm his friends, the city and for all he knew, the entire planet.


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