Perdita Bernardi

Half Elf Rogue


Female Half-Elf Rogue
True Neutral Medium
Init +4; Low-Light; Perception +11

AC 17 , touch 14, Flat Footed 13
hp 10 (1D8+2)
Fort +2, Ref +7, Will +2

Speed 30ft.

STR 13 DEX 18 CON 14 INT 15 WIS 15 CHA 11
Base Atk +0; CMB +1; CMD 15

Skill Focus (Perception), Two Weapon Fighting

Unhappy Childhood (Tortured)
Adopted – Lettered

+7 Acrobatics, +6 Appraise, +8 Disable Device, +7 Escape Artist, +6 K/ local, +7 K/ Planes, +11 Perception, +6 Profession(cook) , +6 Sense Motive, +7 Stealth, +4 Swim,

Common, Elven, Sylvan, Halfling, Chelaxian

Starting Equipment
Studded Leather Armor, Two short swords, Bedroll, Hemp Rope, 2 Sun Rod, 7 Trail rations


Perdita, AKA Perdi was raised on the edge of society. Her mother had been an elven druid who had fallen in love with a local farmer. They had married, and had planned to have nice farm together, but the fates had other ideas. Perdi’s birth was not an easy one, and it was too much for her. She died when Perdi was barely a week old. At a loss he sold their small farm and traveled to Korvosa where he became a hired servant. He had hoped to have the women there help him care for his daughter, but they turned up their noses at the ‘half breed’. Fearing for his daughter’s life he tried to find an alternative to taking her to one of the city orphanages. Hearing his despair, a local Halfling sailor Jamas and his wife Caranga Beesting offered to take her in. They had a son the same age, and they could use the extra pair of hands. Her father would pay a small fee to help take care of her, and at least that way he could see her often. That worked well for a few years, but her father became less and less a part of her life, to the point that for all purposes by the time she was 8 years old she was their human adopted daughter, and younger sister of Walril Beestinger.

When she was 8 Jamas was offered the job of first mate of a Merchant ship, and the rest of the family would go with him. Caranga took a position in a minor noble’s house hold as head cook. Walril would be a page and begin training to be a valet. Perdi would be a between maid with hopes that she would become a ladies maid, or even a cook like her mother. Until she was 15 years old she worked in the house to the point where she was one of the better paid parlor maids. In that position she learned many things, and most of them things she wished to forget. She learned what it felt like to be pushed into a fire place when trying to cook or cleaning the ashes. What it was like to be tripped and pushed down stairs. She learned to avoid certain men when they looked at her a certain way. Some of the chamber maids and between maids would not come back from their duties, and if you asked where they were you would get punished for asking questions. The first thing you learned was ’Don’t ask questions.’ The second was, ‘the name Gaedren Lamm was never spoken aloud.’ During quiet times she would ask her mother why did they have to do this. Her answer was simple. Just as their master had his hand around the staff’s throats, Gaedren Lamm had his hand around the master’s.

Right after his 16th birthday Walril was made cabin boy on a ship owned by the master. Jamas had introduced Walril to the ship’s captain. The Captain became fixated on Walril, and wanted him on their next voyage. There was something about her mother’s tears when he left that made Perdi think the position may not be all she thought it was.

One day during her normal duties Perdi was delivering food to one of the guest rooms when a man She had seen him many times in the company of Gaedren Lamm entered the room very drunk. As was the norm, she finished quickly and tried to leave but the man tried to stop her. When she tried to get past him he grabbed her and dragged her to the bed planning to do unspeakable things to her. Somehow Perdi got a hand free, and found where someone had hidden a small dagger by the head of the bed. Fearing for her life Perdi made a dire strike at him, and hit….. critically. While his blood curdling screams for help drew no one, the sight of her running into the master’s meeting with Gaedren Lamm covered in her attackers blood brought more attention that she could ever want. The master held her by the hair as Gaedren Lamm followed the trail of blood, and screams of pain to the guest room. He found the man alive… barely. The beating that followed was like nothing she had ever experience, or wanted to experience again.

Gaedren Lamm , her master, and Gaedren Lamm ‘s lackeys took turns whipping her, and beating her for what she thought was days until they grew tired of it. Like a piece of garbage they tossed her into the manor’s garbage pile. Her parents found her there, and with the help of a priest of Pharasma, and his grave digger partner, smuggled her away. Her parents knew they could no longer stay nearby, but they could not abandon her. Her father made contact with halflings who were aboard ships that worked for the Cerulean Society. They were able arrange for his wife to take a position as a cook at a dock side tavern run by the Halfling smugglers. Jamas was offered a position on one of the smuggling vessels. A problem arose on what to do with Perdi. She was too large to hide aboard a Halfling ship, and her injures were too severe to send her to another city. A brothel run by a human priestess of Calistria named Carista Swordhand, agreed to give her shelter until her wounds were healed. After that it was up to Perdi to make her own way.

As Perdi healed Carista discovered the passion for vengeance lived in Perdi’s heart. Carista knew that passion needed to be channeled or it would only get Perdi killed quickly. She liked Perdi but she didn’t run a charity. Carista offered her small room in the attic of the brothel. It was drafty, had smell to it, and was over the kitchen, but it was clean; however if Perdi wanted to keep the room she was going to have to pay for it one way or another. As Perdi, obviously, had a loathing for the profession that was all around her she had to find other ways of supporting herself, and paying for her lodgings.

She started begging, which got her a few coins. She was good at acrobatics when earned her a few coins. When she went to buy food she found that if she wanted to pay her rent to Carista, she would have nothing left for food. It didn’t take Perdi long to realize that the only way to survive was to take what she needed. Her skills at reading a crowd and spotting incoming trouble earned her contacts of her own among the other street urchins. Many times she heard the offers for a roof over her head and full belly from other urchins, but she turned them down. She knew who was behind it Gaedren Lamm. As much as she wanted to place a dagger through his heart she was not going near him and his lackey’s until she was prepared. Carista had taught her sometimes the perfect vengeance takes time, and one must be prepared.

One thing Perdi discovered was while many people would have their gold and jewels under heavy lock and key, their cupboard were another story. She became very adept at ‘acquiring’ food from various locations across the districts. Her name became known for good and bad reasons in many of the markets. She was a known thief, but thanks to the people she was around – Perdi jokingly says she learned most of her languages by hearing what is coming from the ‘holy ceremonies’ that can be over heard from Carista’s quarters- she also became known for picking up on different languages easily. She earned a wedge of cheese when a vendor as having trouble understanding a dwarf’s request for a particular dwarven cheese. She translated what the dwarf was asking for the vendor; however she wisely did not translate the dwarf’s insults. Both left the transaction happy. From then on, she occasionally got ‘honest’ work acting as a translator for an occasional vendor or visitor.
Perdi’s skill at acquiring food was finely honed, and Carista agreed that the brothel often ate far better than the John’s they entertained, thanks to Pedi. Sadly Perdi’s luck finally ran out. One night she had jimmied the lock on a tavern’s kitchen window. She had gotten in and was heading out with a bag full of meats, cheeses and bread when the tavern’s cat spotted her and freaked out, knocking over a rack of dirty pots and pans, which echoed through the quiet tavern. Cursing in various languages she was making a dive out the window when she felt the iron grip on her ankle. She was shortly hauled back through the window and unceremoniously tossed onto the hearth rug.

Looming over her was a 6’1" tall, 215lbs. burley man with brown hair, glaring with malice in his eyes. To be honest he scared the crud out of her, and frankly she had a feeling she could turn her into paste on the kitchen floor if he wanted to, but he didn’t. He did something that surprised her, he listen to her. Let’s be honest he threatened her and she spilled everything she knew for the next 30 minutes, and would have done anything to get out of there with the food, but instead of calling for the constable or putting her through the meat grinder he did something she didn’t expect, he offered her a job.

Oh he was pissed that she was stealing from him, but he understood the only reason she was stealing was because she didn’t have a job, needed a roof over her head and food to eat. If she worked for him, she would have all three, and wouldn’t need to steal. He did warn that should she cross him he WOULD turn her over to the constable and if he ever got his hands on her he would strangle her little neck, but he didn’t think it would come to that. That is how the next morning Perdi was cooking eggs, slicing ham, and cooking up breakfast for a tavern full of thugs, ruffians, and near do wells, and loving every minute of it. It took Perdi a couple days until she could return to Carista. She was finally able to tell her she now had a place of her own to belong.

Perdita Bernardi

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