Liopicat (Deceased)

Thorn's Teacher, and Master


Liopicat, was the Temple of Sarenrae in Korvosa’s handy man, gardener, and hunter. He was an orphan there at the orphanage growing up, learning to tend to the grounds by the caretaker before him. Liopicat, or Lio to his friends lived there all his life of 56 years he was kind to all, loved nature, loved the children, worshipped Sarenrae with all his heart.

One day a boy, a half elven boy was dropped off after his village was slaughtered by a man known as Lamm. The boy quiet at first soon became a handful for the sisters at the temple. That boy’s name is Thorn. Frequently punished to tending the gardens. Lio, started off small telling him about the lands, and the circle of life. He told him about, nature, animals, how to hunt and track animals. He became the unofficial guardian of this youth.

The years went on, and Lio fell ill during a winter night, never recovering and succumbed to the illness, leaving his legacy to Thorn.

Liopicat (Deceased)

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