King Eodred Arabasti ll (Dead)

King of Korvosa. Childless and married to Ileosa



Born Arkapallus Arabasti, King Eodred II adopted the name of Korvosa’s first king when he took the throne, in the hope of achieving the same level of popularity and success as his adopted namesake. Eodred loves the soft touch of females, regardless of race, ethnicity, or (rumors suggest) age. He also enjoys lavishly spending the city’s gold, spoiling himself and his harem with the finest foods and clothes from across the world. To maintain this lifestyle, Eodred has had to find considerable coin. On occasion, however, the King even spends gold on the city, and under his watch Korvosa has built four orphanages and numerous public works.

Despite the foul rumors surrounding him, King Eodred II retains a modicum of love from his
people thanks to his projects in the city. The majority of his subjects consider him a benign and mostly harmless monarch, though some resent him for wallowing in his own opulence rather than affecting the city in any meaningful way.


King Eodred Arabasti ll (Dead)

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