Human Greataxe Fighter


Ithamore is 6’1" tall, 215lbs., 21 years old, with brown hair, brown eyes, and a tan complexion. His back is scarred from many barroom brawls.
His stats are:
Str 19 Int 14
Dex 15 Wis 14
Con 16 Cha 13
Fort: 5 Ref: 2 Wis: 2
He is a two-handed weapon specialist, with weapon focus Greataxe, Power Attack, and Combat Reflexes.


Born to a wealthy family, Ithamore lived a life of luxury and sport Ithamore’s parent’s, Abigail and Ferneze, soon grew tired of his wastrel ways and playboy lifestyle. Banishing him to the lower city at the age of 17, Ithamore managed to steal a large sum of money with which to equip himself for the overly harsh lower city, or at least that was what he thought.
Ithamore found that life among the commoners was not as harsh or lonely as he once believed, this of course coming after several months living shuttered in a small quarters above a tavern.
After several months shut in, with his funds dwindling, Ithamore took a job at the tavern below as a bouncer. Life as a bouncer though was dull. Seeking excitement, Ithamore found a fighter’s training school where he learned the art of two-handed fighting. Favoring the greataxe, Ithamore learned the art of combat, how to channel his power into damaging his foes and honing his reflexes to take advantage of his foes impetuousness. Additionally, Ithamore learned to take a savage beating, but to recover quickly. He was an intimidating presence on the battle field, but when his foes were not intimidated this rocked Ithamore who could not recover easily.
During this time of training, Ithamore continued to work in the tavern earning a few scars from the occasional bar room brawl or fierce training session. Ithamore also developed an intense love for the tavern owner’s daughter, Bellamira. Shortly before his 21st birthday, Ithamore asked Lodowick the tavern owner for his daughters hand in marriage. At the marriage ceremony, Abigail and Ferneze saw the man their son had become and welcomed him back to the family.
Settling in to the life of a tavern keep, Lodowick had promoted Ithamore as a wedding gift, the happy couple lived in peace. That is until one night after returning from depositing the day’s take with the Clerics of Abadar, Ithamore approached the tavern only to be stopped by members of the city watch. Cautiously, they brought Ithamore into the tavern to identify the body of his beloved Bellamira.
Distraught, Ithamore vowed to find the person responsible and bring them to justice.


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