Ileosa Arabasti

Young, beautiful, Queen. Married to Eodred


Queen of Korvosa,
Ileosa is barely a third the age of her husband, she arrived from Cheliax at the ago of fifteen. Some rumors say that she holds much of Korvosa in contempt, and that she seduced the king into marrying her simply to advance her own wealth and riches. Others have said that she truly has come to love her husband over the past five years, and has learned to appreciate the city she now calls home.
Unfortunately she has been heard to call Korvosa, “A backwater colonial village” on more than one occasion which has angered a great many of Korvosa’s citizens and with her unusual Fey ancestry, highlighted by an almost painful beautiful, she has managed to alienate herself from many of the people.
Her love of the performing arts has helped with her reputation some. On almost any night a troupe of actors or a new bard may find themselves performing for the young queen and her inner court and she has been very generous with her donations and gifts.

To save the city any more turmoil she steps down as queen and abdicates the throne to Venster. She will then leave the city for awhile as she finishes her mourning period and then the plan seems to be she will come back and marry Venster and become queen again.


Ileosa Arabasti

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