13 year old bouncer and kitchen help


Female Half Orc 3rd level Fighter – Grappler archatype w/ Young template applied
TN Small
Init + 5; Perception + 2

AC 25, Touch 10, Flat 15
Fort + 2, Reflex + 6, Will + 3

Speed 30

Stats: STR 12 DEX 20 CON 8 INT 17 WIS 14 CHA 12

Base Attack + 3 , CMB 3 , CMD 17

Feats: Unarmed strike, Grabbing Style, Improved grapple

Traits: Missing Sibling: Diplomacy and Sense Motive are always class skills for you.
Civilized: You gain a +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (nobility) checks and Knowledge (local) checks. Knowledge (local) is always a class skill for you.

Archetype Abilites:
Harsh Training: + 1 bonus on saving throws against effects that cause the exhausted, fatigued, staged condition, or temporary penalties of ability scores. + 1 for every 4 lvls (max + 5)
Tough Guy: DR/ – equal to half his fighter level against nonlethal damage or damage taken while he is grappled.

Intimidate + 7, K/ Local + 9 , Survival + 6, Sense Motive + 6, Dipolmacy + 5, Craft/ Locksmith + 7, P/Bouncer +3

Languages Common (Chelaxian), Orc, Draconic, Giant, Abyssal


A human member of the fight club organization that her family belongs two helped smuggle her out and away from them. On her 14th birthday which is coming in the spring Gutha was to be ‘initiated’ into the family. Already Gutha’s twin brother Gunther had been especially sold, by the family to be muscle for a gang. Gutha hopes that she can one day find him.

Guntha is considered ‘inferior’ to many in her old family because she favors her human side. While her other kin heavily favor the orc side Guntha actually looks like a rather rough looking human, or even a polymorph gone bad.

She is wicked smart and passes the time making intricate locks. She loves to challenge people to see if they can get out of her handcuffs, or pick the locks. She is loyal to her friends.


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