Adelade Winesmith (Dead)

13 year old Kitchen help at Falcon's Rest


Female Human 1st level Rogue w/ Young template applied
CN Small
Init + 7; Perception + 6

AC 13, Touch 10, Flat 13
Fort – 2, Reflex + 5, Will + 2

Speed 30

STR 8 DEX 16 CON 7 INT 17 WIS 14 CHA 15

Base Attack + 0 , CMB , CMD

Armor Lt, Improved Initiative, Weapon Finesse

Ternal Understanding


Acrobatics + 7, Appraise + 7, Bluff +6, Diplomacy + 6, Escape Artist + 7, Perception + 6, Sense Motive + 6, Stealth + 7, Disable Devise + 8, K/ Local + 7, Profession (Cook) + 6, Sleight of Hand + 7


Youngest Child of Lady Irene Winesmith. Taken at the age of 2 years from her parents caravan, presumed dead. Has full blooded brother by the name of Justin, and a half brother by her father. She has also been mentired by the Cleric Carista. Until recently worked as a ladies maid for a minor noblewoman. The woman was known to be abusive to her servants. After prolonged verbal abuse Adelade ‘accidently’ let slip that the best place to find her mistress’s husband was not the local ale house where the ‘put upon’ wife said he always was, but the Three Kings bath house. That statement started a scathing rumor campaign that question if the child she carried was by her husband or a secret lover.

With Carista’s help she obtained the job at the Falcon’s roost. She is paid 3 silver pieces a week, and get free room and board. She works the early morning shift at the tavern, and assists Perdi with the prep work.

Adelade Winesmith (Dead)

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