Curse of the Crimson Throne

Where to go from here?

“Here go madam.” A dwarven maid showed her into a fine lavatory. “The water is hot, and there are re fine salts, perfumes, and soaps on the side table. Was there anything else you would require?”

Perdi responded in dwarven, “Box of chocolates, and a bottle of good red wine. I don’t want any swill, and I will know.” Reaching into her haversack, she tossed the girl a small pouch with 25 gps.

“Yes madam.” The girl smiled broadly and hurried from the room. Perdi shed her filthy clothing, leaving her bag and equipment by the large tub. Sinking into the bubbles and warm water Perdi finally let herself relax. She was enjoying the wonderful bath with her eyes closed, Perdi heard the girl come back, and place the wine and chocolates on the side table. The girl was almost out the door before Perdi spoke. “If your friend wishes to keep his hands I suggest that he return what he picked up. Clothing or no, I will remove them.”

“He now owes me 5 gold pieces. He thought he could make off with some of your coins.” The dwarven girl smiled as she took a pouch from a horrified dwarven male, shoved him out the door, and locked it.

“Never try to steal from another thief.” Perdi opened an eye and grinned.

“As my companion learned the hard way.” The maid poured a glass of wine and handed it to Perdi. “You won’t tell the manager, will you?”

“What would you have done with the gold you had taken?” Perdi sipped the wine.

“He may have kept it, I would have put it toward your bill.” The maid took fluffy towels from a linen cupboard.

“Wise girl, foolish boy.” Perdi toasted her with her wine. “Wait outside the door, let no one but my companions in. If I need you, I will call. ”

“Thank you madam.” The maid curtsied and took her place outside the door.

As Perdi relaxed it finally give her a few moments to think. If her estimates of the gold she would be bringing in over the next week. She and her companions would be very well off. It also made her think what would happen after they completed their quest. She didn’t want to think of not surviving, but she wanted to think about a life after all of this. What did she want out of her life? Her life had always been just surviving but now she had a good possibly for a good life. Long ago she had spoken with Vencarlo about his experience as the Black Jack. She could help those that needed help, but she would need to be a respectable person of society to do it. The only respectable thing she knew was her cooking. She was a fine cook. She had even cooked for the queen. She had spent many a year in the attic of the ‘home’ of a Calistria priestesses.

The more that she thought about she decided what she wanted was a fine place for food, drink and company. She would be a good business person, with a nice house. She could do for others what she had been given to her. If someone was given a good environment they could thrive or they could burn. It was all up to the person. If they survived this whole ordeal she wanted to have a house that she would be proud of. She could have a base of operation for Black Jack underneath and have a legitimate base of business running above. It have her a bit of hope. Now to survive the coming days to make it happen.


Yes the Legend of Blackjack Continues.

Where to go from here?

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