Curse of the Crimson Throne

Thrill of the Hunt Part 19

The Lady and I

As I was sitting in my garden one fine day, Katherine, one of my ladies, came in and informed me that Thorn was there to see me. I remembered him of course. He was a friend that had gone with me into exile last year, while I was in mourning for my late husband. He and his friends had provided protection, and companionship during that trying time. He had shown me how to shoot a bow and how to recognize different animal tracks. He had also helped me deal with some hobgoblins that thought they could attack me and had kept his mouth closed on how that turned out.

Thorn stands there in a great hallway of the castle. He looks at the finly woven tapstries that line the walls, and various works of arts, portraits of the royal bloodlines that ruled in the castle while he waits for Katherine to return.

Several guards walk by, looking at him. Some mutter about him after passing by. Servents rush by, laundry service, maids, butlers. All of them muttering several things.

Trying to listen he stalks the shadows nearby, but just as he is about to hear anything of that could be of importance a hand touches his shoulder, causing him to jump and letting out a shrill yelp, turning to face Katherine.

“The Lady is ready to see you now, Sir Thorn,” she bows, and showing him the way.

Thorn was lean. He was tanned from long hours in the sun, he had an engaging smile when he cared to show it, and he had a quiet confidence about him that was quite appealing. Overall a very pleasing young man.

I had told him I would teach him how to utilize his sorcery abilities when he was ready so I figure that was the reason for the visit. It would sure break up the daily routine.

I looked over to smile at Merrin only to be reminded, once again, she was no longer my bodyguard. Venster had needed her to take over the operation of what use to be the Order of the Nail after the execution of their old leader Lector DeVri.

I needed her close to the King and not tied to me. This would also distance her from me so in case things did not work out she might have other options. I thought she would also be quite good at this and should have the opportunity. I would miss her though.

Turning back forward I straightened my posture to properly greet the earnest young man.

He came forward and sketched a quick bow as I extended my hand for him to kiss.

“M’Lady,” Thorn bowed, kissing her hand. It is a pleasure to see you again.

We exchanged some small talk and then came around to the reason he was here. Sure enough it was about guidance in using his gifts and I explained about the will and the word and how he could unlock his potential.

“Ever since the battle with Daughter of Urgathoa and witnessing Aerich’s embodiment of Ragathiel I have felt different; A fire in my gut.” Thorn went on to explain that he felt different like some hidden potential unlocked within.

After several retelling of tales about his adventures and experiences with his companions Thorn relaxed and watched the Lady.

She showed him some minor cantrips and then helped him call forth his own abilities.

Thorn stood there feeling like pressure, built up inside him needing to be relased, a charge of energy.

Meditating with the Lady, and letting the feeling flow through him he had to think about what he wanted to do before he did it, mimicing Lady Ileosa.

“Light which burns beyond crimson flame, let thy power gather in my hand!” Thorn touches a rock in the garden and it flares to life the rock begins to glow like a torch, shedding light around the radius of it.

Proud of himself he tries it again several times, casting the Light spell, very basic, but handy.

It was slow going but we made good headway through the afternoon before I needed to go in and dress for dinner. We made some arrangements to meet again in a couple of days and then bid him good night.

With a bow, kissing her hand good bye Thorn departs, “Have a good evening m’lady.” Leaving her with the promises of several more meetings to study the ways of the arcane arts and the basics of spellcraft. He laughs… Never before did he want to learn, but times have changed, he is changing. A quasi-divine power burns inside Ragathiel.


Very nice Brian. A nice mix of my story and yours.

Thrill of the Hunt Part 19

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