Curse of the Crimson Throne

Thrill of the Hunt Part 17


In the dark underbelly of the city, Mr. Black sits in his throne room. The sewers an underground conduit for carrying off sewage or rainwater… And secrets.

Lizabeth, still chained looks at the floor in disgust, praying to her goddess to be freed.

“Lizabeth,” Black leans forward pulling her red hair back, “Your god won’t help you.”

She pulls away violently, some of her hair being pulled free, “She works in mysterious ways. You will see…”

He laughs at her, “Tell her to bring it on.” Smiling, “I like a challenge.”

The door to the chamber opens and a man walks on in towards them, kneeling before Mr. Black. “M’lord.”

Mr. Black nods, “What is your report, Carter?”

The man looks up, “The entire city is plagued with the Blood Veil. People are dying in the streets, their homes. The city is on lockdown.”

“And what of the ranger, Thorn?” He asks.

Lizabeth looks up at Mr. Black surprised hearing Thorn’s name having been there at the temple with him, “You leave him alone!”

Mr. Black backhands her, “Do not tell me what to do wench!”

Lizabeth falls back, blood trickling down the side of her mouth, a tooth falls out, holding her face.

Carter looks on, emotionless, but inside a rage burns within him seeing Lizabeth struck. “Thorn has been very active in the city trying to put out proverbial fires around the city with his friends.”

Mr. Black nods, rubbing his hands together. “Start more fires. I want him. I want Thorn! Hire some Blood Veiled victims, promise them a cure if they get me him!”

Carter nods, “Excellent plan, Sir. I will see to it personally,” standing up.

Dismissing Carter, “See that you do. Now begone.”

Bowing, giving a sly wink to Lizabeth as he turns to leave.

Lizabeth frowns and scoffs at him, “Disgusting.” Knowing that Carter is a friend to Sarenrae.

Carter walks out, but Mr. Black eyes him curiously, observing him. Turning his attention to Lizabeth, "Cure Disease, cleric. Now… " Feeling unclean and not wanting to catch the Blood Veil plague after a visitation.

Lizabeth gets up, and walks over, spitting before him a crimson red wad of spittal, “Sarenrae, grant me the power and the ability to show this fiend… your divine might to cast away any afflictions that may haunt this man…” Angry she casts the divine power upon him and frowns.

In the hallway he hears the spell being chanted and pauses for a moment, but continues on… He will save Lizabeth, his beloved soon.


Very nice Brian. Building him up nicel

Thrill of the Hunt Part 17

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