Curse of the Crimson Throne

The scars of life

When the whip hit me I knew that it wasn’t a normal strike. Sadly I do know what it feels like to be struck by whip anything from a ridding crop to a bull whip. All leave marks on you. The welts hurt for a while but with healing magic the pain doesn’t last long, and honestly after a few days of normal healing you would be fine, but this more damage than I wanted to admit.

Areich was able to deal with the facial fractures to my cheeks, jaw, and fore head. The whip cut deeply into my lower lip, but thankfully it healed easily without damaging my speech. The burns of the whip seared into my flesh, but there was no damage to my eyes. If I had been blinded, we would have all been dead. My job is to scout and make sure there are no traps, and to open any locks. Truthfully Ithamore could ‘open’ most doors easily, we would like to be able to close them afterwards.

The broken bones and bruising were easily healed but what we didn’t count on was the scaring. Those whips did more than hit me, they disfigured me. When you have perfect ears like mine, it means that I hear everything. I head the “Yeesh did you see her face?”, “Do you see how big those scars are?” “I’m glad it is not me.”, “If that had happened to Kess we would be in serious trouble.”

I think that is truly the serious damage. Areich keeps assuring me that it will be easily fixed once we are out of serious danger. He needs his stronger spells to defeat the castles monsters and can’t waste them on “superficial damage” to a member. Yeah if precious Kess got smacked in the face with that whip we would have her fixed in a jiffy, but no, not me. “Here is a bag to put over your head Perdi so we don’t have to see your ugly face!” Comments like that remind me of my times in the streets. Men don’t care what you look like if they are randy enough. They put a bag over the girls head, and goes at it. Even a girl that looks like someone took a hatchet to the face can still make 5 gold pieces a week if she works at it. Granted those are the girls that have nothing left to loose.

The comments hurt, and I know they don’t mean them but they cut like a knife into me. When I look into a mirror I don’t recognize myself. Each ‘morning’ I am told, “One more day and it will be all over. We will get you all fixed up, don’t you worry.” If it was anyone but Aerich I won’t believe them. I’m trying not to be snipe-ish with Kess. It isn’t her fault that I got hit in the face with the ugly stick, but the comments of others hook deep into your soul far deeper than any of the “rumpus room" barbed hooks ever could. I am not trying to distance myself from my friends, but to makes things easier. I only have to deal with my job and nothing more. My friends joked that I was always on alert even in my sleep, this injury seems to have made me more so. I use to have fun playing with some whips, and they could be pleasurable provided I controlled them; however, the thought of them puts me on edge.



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