Curse of the Crimson Throne

Journal of Perdi - Back in the City

The beginings of the plague

Perdi returned to the bar after her shopping trip. She had bought another week’s worth of food for the bar. It had only been a couple gold pieces but it would have to do for now.
As Perdi came in the back door she was met by Derik. “Hey, everything alright?”

“No.” Perdi grabbed his arm and dragged him back into the bar, and shut the door.
“Caragana! Adalade! Guntha! Get in here!”

It took just a moment for them to get into the kitchen. Perdi turned to Guntha. “Guntha and Devin, get everyone that is not the boss’s friends, or us out of the bar. NOW! Do NOT touch them. Get them out the door. “with a nod they went back into the main room, and from the sound of things they had the few customers that were in there moving quickly.
Looking at the other two, “We have a confirmed case of a plague starting in the city. We need this place locked down. No one but us and the boss’s friends are to be allowed in that door. That being said a delivery man will be arriving soon. He is NOT to get out of the cart. He has already been paid . Just unload the supplies then come back in. That is all. Do you understand?”

A chorus of “yes” responded. Looking at Adelade, Perdi said, “If any of you want to leave here, go somewhere, buy something, do it now before things go into lock down.”
Caranga and Perdi looked at each other as Adelade grabbed her shawl and ran out the door. It was safe to assume that she was going to Old Korvosa to warn her other masters.

A couple minutes later Devin and Guntha returned to the kitchen. “Where is Adelade?” Devin asked.

“She went home.” Caranga sighed. “She may or may not be back.”

“What does that mean?” Devin asked.

Before Perdi could say anything the delivery bell sounded.
“Devin, and Guntha help me with the delivery,” Caranga directed the two assistance, and gave Perdi a knowing look. Perdi could only sigh.
The next morning Perdi was working on her famous porridge as Devin brought in another keg of ale. It would go well with the porridge and hopefully hold of the illness. “Perdi, have you seen Adelade yet this morning?”

“No I haven’t.” Perdi continued to stir the pot.

“Aren’t you worried about her?”

“Devin, I don’t think she will be returning anytime soon.”

“What do you mean by that? Aren’t you worried about her?” Devin began to get angry at her.

Perdi refused to look at him, “ Adelade either has the red veil and is sick, OR she is with her masters. Either way she won’t be returning to us anytime soon.” She began to ladle up to food.

“What the hell do you mean by that?”

“Devin, she had been spying on us the whole time we were in the city a year ago. She has been working with a cleric that works for the spider court. If she is ill then the cleric can help her, and is better off staying with her to get treatment. “

“You are just going to leave her there? Are you going to go after her?”

“What good would it do? There is nothing we can do for her now. Right now it is safer to say in here.”

“Do you not care about her?”

“Of course I do, but it is hard to have sympathy for someone who was especially stabbing me in the back for over a year. Once this plague is over we will check on her, for now we just need to survive.”

“You are heartless.” Devin stormed off.

Perdi sighed. His words cut. She wasn’t heartless and she was worried about Adelade but for right now there was nothing they could do for her. Caranga came in the room, saw her face, and came off and patted her back. She took the bowls from Perdi as she dished them up.



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