Curse of the Crimson Throne

Hiding in your own city

Preparing to Bug out of Korvosa

Perdi was in her element. This is what she had trained for but after so many years out in the open it had begun to chafe. Kess had been able to disguise Perdi enough that others would recognize her, add in Perdi’s natural talent of sneaking about it made things easier getting around town. Kess was the one that people would see out and about, but Perdi prided herself in not being noticed. There was no way to stop people from noticing that our villa was now occupied, or that Kess with her radiant personality was back in town. The trick want making sure that no one knew how many of us were at the villa at any one time, or what we were doing in there.

The truth was packing to get the heck out of town was the truth. The problem was that we had need of newer and better equipment. The problem was that would take time to have made. In hopes of speeding things up Perdi had taken her armor to a different enchanter to get it stronger in hopes of speeding things up. It still meant spending a month and half in the city essentially trapped in the villa. It was easier for Perdi and Kess to leave the villa to acquire the things that everyone needed given their skills. Time was not on our side but do what we must.

All around the city persecution ran rampant. Taxes, and fees were no longer just higher for us, but for anyone who was not Chilaxian. What would cost one man 1 gps it would cost a Varisian 5. The disguise that Kess was able to make Perdi allowed her to hide the half elf ears, and elven features, but it always was a tricky business. Some could see what Perdi’s race really was and the persecution that Perdi had always felt had been made 10 times worse. Not only was Perdi half elf, but her father was Varisian. Which according to some, made things even worse.

Korvosa had become Perdi’s home but all this going on made Perdi doubt if it was worth staying in the city. If her and her friends didn’t have to leave, would Perdi stay given the way the city has deteriorated? It was a hard question to ask oneself.



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