Curse of the Crimson Throne

Getting Life back to what we consider normal

Life is getting back to normal, well a normal as a day as we ever get. The bar is doing alright. We are making ok money but it is getting frustrating with all the stupid red tape. I get that food prices are higher but since when do I need to have a licensed permit to buy food. If had just been one thing I would have thought it was a fluke. However between the tax paperwork being “lost”, and the extra “fees” and “licenses” that we are now being required to have so we that we can do business, it is getting ridiculous. I get it that there people who don’t like that we took down the Order of the Nail. Yes they supposedly kept order in the city, but at what cost. Their leader was conspiring with those who brought the plague to our shores. Give us some credit her, we did it for the greater good, but what does it matter to you red tape monkeys.

To many that we are still alive is a miracle. We all we on death’s door when that THING charged after us. Aerich stopped and slowed the creature long enough for us to get to the safety of the elevator. His sacrifice still would not been enough to save us, however when his GOD stepped in and scared the thing off, and resurrected him. Now that would scare the thing. Scared it so much it blasted it’s way through the roof of the elevator and out and away from everyone. It took some doing getting back up the shaft and back to the warehouse.

With everyone, and ever thing out of the Urgathoa temple. Nothing like a temple to the goddess of disease, gluttony, and undead to put you off your feed for a while. I was able to search it properly. We made off quite well with the treasures we found. I was specifically intreged by the rapier Doctor Reiner Davaulus had been carrying. It seemed to cut deeper on those of human blood. I was tempted to sinmply add it to our items to be sold but Aerich convinced me it would be of use should the Order of the Nail decide to come a visiting again. I now carry it as my primary weapon.

The influx of gold has been a boon for us. I was able to upgrade my armor and get a few protection magic’s. I also was able to enchant my new blade to penetrate easier into my opponents flesh. Given the creatures we have been up against I invested in a few specialize items to help us. I have found it is better to be safer than sorry. All the time to sell our items, and finding people to make the items we are wanting has cut into my cooking time. My mother has been taking over more and more of the kitchen duties. I don’t mind it too much, but I honestly love cooking for people.

One of the up sides of the temporary influx of gold Aerich was able to have his church built. Given that is an actual resurrected cleric of his God of retribution. Yeah it brought in more donations that he anticipated. I have given my room at the bar over to my mother, and I have taken a room at the church. I’ve become the unofficial cook of the church. Personally I think Aerich just likes to have a private cook, but that is just my opinion. By splitting the duties between my mother and I means she can take the early morning cooking and set up duties, where I can take the late night close the house duties. She has been pestering me to find a replacement for Adelaide. As far as I know she is still in lock down in Old Korvosa. If she has any sense she will stay there, or at least away from the bar. I fear what will happen if Devin gets his hands on her lying cheating ass. Speaking of which he is doing much better now. He is really enjoying working in the bar. He works the overnight shift by helping Ithamore with late night alcohol at the bar, and some early morning prep for my mother. For now he seems happy with it.

There have been big changes in the city. Obviously the Order of the Nail is no more, it is now the Grey Guardians, or something like that. There were so few left of Sable Company and the general guard they were lumped together to make this. Maybe it will keep the peace without beheading people every night. The Queen has married her former brother in law. It was a political marriage but she did what she must. At least there was plenty of food and drink then, and we were rewarded for our good deeds. How if the rest of the city would see what we did as a good thing and not be such jerks to us it would be appreciated. I must go. We have been asked by Commander Kroff to visit her about something she needs done. I just hope it is not another plague. I’m sick of them.


Oh very good. By the way you hear that Adelaide is missing. Per your friend on board the ship, she just up disappeared a few days ago. However one of your spice suppliers said that they saw her running toward the bar a couple of nights ago like the hounds of hell were after her.
Your spice supplier did not see any one chasing her but they said she looked in a bad way. They knew it was her because of her hair and that red stole Adelaide would always wear when she was out. The spice supplier said they saw her about a block from the bar.


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