Curse of the Crimson Throne

Before Old Korvosa


Perdi sat at the small desk with only a simple candle for light. With ink and quill she filled the page, and signed the documents. She would only stop to occasionally shaking her hand to remove the cramps away, and then she was back to her writing. As she finished each document she would apply the appropriate seal. The next day they would be sent to the corresponding person. Within a couple days, a response would come and the process would start again. But with each response, a new document would be placed in the small locked box under her bed.

During the day she would push Trudy to complete tasks over and over again until Trudy could do them blindfolded. Trudy had taken the training seriously when Perdi had told local merchants, she would pay them twice the value of their fruits, vegetables, and trinkets if they managed to catch Trudy in her thefts. If Trudy was caught that extra cost came out of her pay check, if she wasn’t caught the bonus went to her. After one week of losing all but a silver piece of her tips to the shopkeepers, she began to take everything seriously.
At night everything was as normal, if Kess wasn’t performing Trudy would dance for the crowds. Some night she would join with Perdi for a duo acrobatic act. Using her disguise skills Trudy would make Perdi and herself look like twins. She managed to fool many a patron that way. Pretending to be different people in the marketplace in order to “steal” items, and change up her performance for the different patrons honed Trudy’s disquise skills. Many times as Perdi went around the city, she and Trudy would throw off those that would follow Perdi by switching places. Those that tried to tail her would be following Perdi one moment, and the next Trudy would take her place and lead them to an odd part of the city. Once far away Trudy would become herself, and simply come back home; meanwhile, Perdi was off doing whatever she needed to do. Rumors would come back to them that their watchers would be accused of drinking because of the contradicting reports of seeing two of Perdi in different parts of the city. At times Perdi would be doing the shopping in the marketplace as Trudy, and let the watchers watch; meanwhile Trudy was off doing what she needed to do. To be honest it was hard to tell which one was who at times.

Everyday Trudy and Perdi would spar until they were exhausted. Each day Perdi pushed Trudy to do better, yet praised her when she accomplished a difficult task. Trudy didn’t have to be clairvoyant to know Perdi was grooming her towards something, but to what she didn’t know. Then one day the messenger came to the tavern looking for Perdi and her friends. Commander Kroft was looking for them. As the norm, Trudy accompanied Perdi to her room to help her with her armor. Instead of taking her armor from its rack, she removed from a hidden compartment under her bed a hemp bag, and handed it to Trudy. While Trudy examined what was inside, Perdi slipped her armor and weapons on.

Looking at the contents Trudy could only look at Perdi with confusion. Perdi could not possibly think she would need these things. These for when not only the shirt hit the fan, but the bridge had been bombed, and you were all around fudged. Trudy tried to say just that but Perdi stopped her. Perdi simply told her, that if it was safer for the 4 of them to leave, then what was inside would get them to safety. If Perdi ever told them to run, they would do so with no questions asked. The items would aid them in getting away, staying safe, and when it was safe, for Perdi to find them. Trudy had never seen such seriousness in Perdi’s eyes. Trudy accepted the bag and would hide it until it was needed, she really hoped that it would not be needed. With a friendly hug, Perdi left Trudy behind as she walked out to join her companion. Trudy could only stand there and hug the bag. She really hoped it never came to opening the bag and the box it contained.



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