Curse of the Crimson Throne

A quick trip home

Sell all the loot then run back

Perdi and Ithamore popped into existence in the hidden fight ring below the Tavern. Thankfully none of the others had tried to occupy it while the group had gone to Old Korvosa. Listening at the trap door, Perdi only heard their employees going about their daily duties above. Carefully they came out of the hidden room, granted quietly is relative when you have someone heavily laden with treasures clomping along behind you. To say the staff was surprised was an understatement to say the least. Thankfully Guntha knew better to swing first and ask questions later. Perdi still got a glancing blow up the back of her head from her mother for scaring her half to death.

The normal questions of “Where is the rest of your party?” came up. Given the trouble we had gotten ourselves into in the past it wasn’t an unreasonable question. Telling them we were all fine, but we had some selling to do, and we only had a day to do it in surprised them. After a quick shot of whisky Perdi set to work selling off the goods. Thankfully no one tried to gouched them, and the normal goods were not difficulty to locate with Perdi and Trudy’s resources. As they sold things, it was safe to say things were tense. Places that would normally trade, were not of business, while others which normally wouldn’t give her a time of day, where more than welcome to trade. It made for a slight unease. With packs laden, Perdi and Ithanamore prepared to teleport back to Old Korvosa and the rest of the party.

Before she could leave Trudy grabbed Perdi’s arm for a quick word.

“How bad is it?” Trudy asked, hoping for a truthful answer.

“Rakshasa.” Was Perdi’s answer.

“That would help if I knew what they were.” Trudy grumbled annoyed.

“Take a human, but put a cheeta, cobra, or vulture’s head on it. Their hands are backward, but have the skill of blades that could rival my own. The only trick is their skin can only be penetrated by a weapon that is both holy and piercing.”

“I assume that Ithamore’s blade can go through anything. “ Trudy tried to joke.

“This is true,” Perdi sighed, “But not all of us have that kind of power; hence not good.”

Trudy nodded, changing the subject slightly, “Anything else we should know? “

Perdi looked Trudy dead in the eye, “Adielade is dead.”

“Derrik is not going to like that. You didn’t do it did you?” Trudy asked with a hint of concern.

“I didn’t see her body, but if she went to her old mistress for help, she is surely dead. I fear her curiosity may have went too far, and gotten her killed. Don’t make that mistake!” Perdi adjusted her pack.

“I’ll tell Derrik for you.” Trudy sighed, “About the… you know. Do I have any orders?”

Perdi looked to Ithamore as he gave her the wrap it up signal. “Keep it on you. I can’t say if something is going to happen to us, but if it does….”

“Be prepared. “ Trudy nodded. Perdi weakly smiled, patted her friend on the shoulder, and went to stand next to Ithamore. In an instant, they were teleported away, and the question of would they return lingered in the back of Trudy’s mind.



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