Curse of the Crimson Throne

A day lost

Meanwhile back home...

Being stuck in bed all day while my friends are out in the city doing who knows what is making me twitch. Looking like someone tossed a whole pot of red paint on me and aching all over is not fun. I feel like someone has been kicking me repeatedly in the kidneys. Thankfully I am better off than our friendly monk. He is continuing to run a high fever, but it has stabilized. Whatever herbs and such Aerich had given him has helped him. Resting all day makes me more and more ansy the longer I lay here. There is so much I should be doing but I know I need to rest in order to get better. I heard a knock at my door. “Come in.”

In walked a tea tray with legs, well that is what it looked like. Actually it was my mother carrying a huge tray loaded with tea pots, soup, toast and jams. “Morning lazy bones, ready for some food?"

“If it is your cooking, sure.” Perdi sat up in the bed.

Caranga set the food on the bed before Perdi. “Thankfully the pantry is stocked so I have food for both you and Boshi. “

“You havent’ been touching him, have you?” I looked at her concerned.

“Oh heavens no. I might put chicken soup on the table next to him, but touch the boy? Not on your life.” She poured tea foe Perdi.

“Good.” Perdi took the tea and began sipping it. The warmth seemed to seep into her bones and help with the aches.

Caranga sat on the end of the bed. “How bad is it really? Don’t you dare try to lie to me. “

Perdi sighed as she picked up a piece of toast, “Near riots at the churches, bodies piling up of the unfortunate poor. Thankfully after what happened yesterday it is no longer just the rich being healed but now the poor do not have to pay to be healed.”

“The churches were charging for healing?” Caranga said surprised.

“Not Sarenra. Abadar was charging 150 gold pieces to remove disease. They were treating people but removing the disease with magic was costing a fortune. That is why is a blessing to have Aerich here. He was able to remove it from me, but was unable from Boshi. Thankfully he is a wonderful healer and was able to treat him. Hopefully that will help him in the long run. I’m still going to look like hell but I am feeling better. I will say your cooking always make me feel better. “ Perdi smiled

“Sweet talker. “ Caranga smiled, “I take it the city is on lock down?”

“All gates are locked down, and quarantine is in effect. They are bringing in food but it is only through one gate, and coinage is going through vinegar treatment.”

“Are we going to be ok here?”

“For the moment, before word got out about the quarantine I bought an extra week of food. We are loosing money have this place closed but I think it is safer to keep the place closed for now. “

“It isn’t my shop so it isn’t my money but it does make sense. That doesn’t mean I like the fact I am not making good tips. “

“Instead you are taking care of me and grumpy Boshi.” Perdi smirked.

“Yeah lucky us.” Caranga sighed, “Be that as it may, I need to get back to the kitchen to help Derik and Guntha. I have them organizing the pantry, and inventorying the liqueur cabinet.”

“Is Derik still mad at me?”

“A bit, he hates the fact that you did what you did but he can understand why you did what you did. His feelings are hurt but he will get over it. Give him a few days to get over it.” Caranga patted Peri’s arm as she left the room.

Perdi sighed and set to work eating the lunch her mother had made for her. It was not often that she got to be served good food made by someone else, much less in bed. She had much to think about while she waited for her friends to come back. She silently said a prayer that her friends made it back, because knowing her friends’ luck they would need all they help they can get.



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